1.5 LCD Electronic Timer Socket - White + Blue (AC 220~240V / EU Plug)
1.5 LCD Electronic Timer Socket - White + Blue (AC 220~240V / EU Plug)

The first on setting can be made now - Press WEEK button to set the day or blocks of days.5 LCD display - Power: 2000W - Timer range: 1 minute ~ 7 days - Working temperature: -5C~50C - Compact streamlined - Hidden keys can prevent misoperation caused by wrong operation but also can avoid the transport during extrusion - Large LCD screen more reasonable more intuitive - Voltage: AC 220~240V 50Hz - Min. setting time: 1 minute - Operating temperature: -10C~+40C - Accuracy: +/- 1 minute per month - Battery backup: Ni-Mh 1. By repeating 2 to make the first off setting - Press the PROG button again to finish the first off setting and enter the 2 on setting.2V 80mAH - Setting current time: - Press the CLOCK button and hold simultaneously press the week button until the actual day is displayed. When setting the buttons week hour or minute can be held down for rapid forward counting.Quantity: 1 - Color: White + Blue - Material: ABS - Plug type: EU plug (2-round-plug) - Rated voltage: 220~240V - Rated current: 10A - Features: Timer socket - 1. - Release both buttons. Repeat 2 and 3 to program remaining settings - After completing settings; Press the CLOCK button and the timer is ready to operate - Manual on / auto / manual off setting - Press ON / AUTO / OFF button to revert the three mode in turn - In ON or OFF mode the TIMER doesnt operate as settings in AUTO mode - When the mode is turned from ON or OFF to AUTO the timer will keep the setting of ON (or OFF) until to the next timer setting - Packing list: - 1 x Timer socket - 1 x English user manual. Continue by pressing HOUR or MINUTE button until the current hour or minute is displayed. The week and time will be set - To reset incorrect time repeat previous steps - Setting programs - Press the PROG button and release. Set the time by pressing the HOUR button and then MIN button - Press the PROG button again to finish the first on setting and enter the first off setting

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In regular batteries used by timer usually last between 6 9 months . Lcd indicator 1.5 Lcd Electronic Timer Socket - White + Blue (AC 220~240V / Eu Plug) has also been concocted low battery warning which can be safety.

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